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My life is a work in progress…

well that was a quite a “John Madden” post title you may say. But yes this picture spun in photoshop is only in its infancy (5 mins) but I’ll keep working on it! Along with this picture, restaurant, personal career and social life shall be worked on too! I assure you, or am I trying to convince myself. I digress here’s the pic-cha



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Hang in there, Larry…

So an update on the contingency plans of my life, I am excited to say that I am on the cusp of finishing my preparations for the GRE.  I am not incredibly ready but however, the show must go on.  I’ve realized my essay skills are quite rusty and during this week I most certainly will try prepare myself.

In the meanwhile, I leave you with some pictures of my friend’s cat, Larry. Unfortunately for the little bugger, the name Chopper did not stick.

Hang in there Larry....

ohh... I'm so allergic to you. But you are soo cute.

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Its that time of the year again.

This time around I feel burnt out. More than ever in my life.


Autumn in my hometown.

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My life is in shambles, but my food life is growing.

Like the title bluntly states, my life is in a frantic mess. I finished the GRE Kaplan classes and even though I have learned a lot of good strategies for the exam. Despite this, I have barely covered the outside material due to my hectic schedule and I have to be honest its partly due to me being a lazy dumbass.  My social life is turbulent, I have a few hard things to deal with but thats gonna be a personal secret.

Lately the only place of solace for me is ironically the place that has caused the most direct stress for me, the restaurant.  The restaurant has allowed me to lose myself in just creating something.

And so today’s show and tell is a bit strange and definitely heart stopping.

mmmmmmm Bacon......

mmmmmmm Bacon......

So what we have here is Hickory Smoked Tempura Bacon & a Bacon Maki roll drizzled with Unagi Sauce (that has no nori or rice).

The Bacon Maki roll consist of avocado, kani & cream cheese wrapped by the bacon and then it was tempura battered and then fried. It was ok. (Next time I’m gonna try use a milder cheese like mozzarella roast the roll in the salamander then deep frying it.)

The simple Hickory Smoked Tempura Bacon on the other hand is just awesome especially with the sweet Haru Maki sauce that my restaurant makes.  I have sent it as a free bar appetizer along with some salted shredded wonton crisps to some of my bar regulars and it was a decent hit.

Now onto my department and expertise at the restaurant, the cocktails 😀

the tentative name of this cocktail is the Passion Blossom.  (just thought of it now)

I’m working on the proportions so the recipe will be up soon!

But I can tell you that, there is a fruity tea infusion in the vodka, simple syrup and fresh lemon juice.  The infusion took patience which is definitely a virtue that I am working on as well.

I'm working on it!

I'm working on it!

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All is quiet in life for now…

One evening while on top of a friend’s building in the city, I took some snapshots and stitched them together.  Life is pretty uneventful lately that is kind of good and bad.  I hope I can stir things up a bit soon, of course in a good way.

Its quiet at night. ..

Quiet night in the District.

The original picture was too big to post in the regular blog section. Larger version  in the pictures section of the site!

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