Escape by diving right in

Today is the first day off for me in a long while.

These past few months, I’ve obsessed about crafting “exit strategies” to my time down here in dc. However in the brief moments that I have peace from my hectic work schedule and I begin to work toward my goals changing my career and life paths, I find myself hesitating, procrastinating and sometimes doing more restaurant work. Am I afraid of whats next? failing? or am I running away from my future by just diving into mindless work. Perhaps… but it bothers me that I don’t even look forward to my brief trips to my little hometown anymore. I am perplexed about what I actually will look forward to in the coming days.

Jebus I don’t know how to even probably take a day off…. sorry about all the pyscho-babble everyone.

I’ll leave you with some pictures as always.

The crosswalk I travel everyday.

Chinatown DC: Right before diving into the restaurant.

Just came into this Paramore video. Catchy & moody, just my liking 😛


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