The week we will not mention…

So yes, I live in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area and well there have been a series of events which I, which at this point, will not continue to talk about… Ok at least, I’ll give you a hint. Its white, powdery  and has turned everyone crazy.  Ok, its not cocaine but you get the point…

Anyway it has kept me away from work and given me a brief 2 day unplanned vacation from work.  Great you say? relaxing? The sad pathetic thing is no it is not.  Being at home alone for half a day and not working, it has made me think about everything again and again, causing me to experience anxiety/depression/cabin fever all at once.

I just shutter when I think that I’d rather just be working.  I guess its just better to keep your head down and stay busy at work rather then think about your problems.

in the kitchen @ Momiji

but instead I am racking my brain and “cooking skills” to make instant ramen interesting for the 4th straight meal.

mmmm 5 minute dinners....

Sesame broth ramen with dried shrimp and poached egg. Oil-Free grilled cheese bits and MOST important my Passion Blossom Cocktail to make it all go down.


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