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The week we will not mention…

So yes, I live in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area and well there have been a series of events which I, which at this point, will not continue to talk about… Ok at least, I’ll give you a hint. Its white, powdery  and has turned everyone crazy.  Ok, its not cocaine but you get the point…

Anyway it has kept me away from work and given me a brief 2 day unplanned vacation from work.  Great you say? relaxing? The sad pathetic thing is no it is not.  Being at home alone for half a day and not working, it has made me think about everything again and again, causing me to experience anxiety/depression/cabin fever all at once.

I just shutter when I think that I’d rather just be working.  I guess its just better to keep your head down and stay busy at work rather then think about your problems.

in the kitchen @ Momiji

but instead I am racking my brain and “cooking skills” to make instant ramen interesting for the 4th straight meal.

mmmm 5 minute dinners....

Sesame broth ramen with dried shrimp and poached egg. Oil-Free grilled cheese bits and MOST important my Passion Blossom Cocktail to make it all go down.


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Engagement @ Momiji!

Okay Okay…. Slow down everyone. Don’t get too excited with the title. Its someone else that is getting engaged! One of my long time customers decided to surprise their significant others with a big fat old expensive ring, so of course I assisted in the affair like a good bartender.  Of course, I decided to moonlight as a special events photog. Let the amateur hour begin!

After an hour of waiting and a few humorous miscues. Everything went underway and went of course well!

Eli on one knee

Yayyyyy She said Yes!

Champagne & Diamonds

Momiji the place for EVERYTHING!

Congratulations Eli & Baker! Good Luck and Thanks for including this silly bartender in your special day.

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