The good old suburban life…

As time goes by, more and more of my friends have visited what I like call my “mansion prison” of a house. Okay first, I have to state that I am not an ungrateful bastard and say that my family has blessed me with all the nice things in life. I am forever grateful that I do have a loving family that has been so generous enough to get a nice house for me to live in, but I didn’t ask for it. Ok too late… I sound like a jerk. Ok now I am digressing from heavy issues and statements, to bring to light that recently some of my wonderful friends visited me in Maryland and basically got me an unexpected day off from work! Also it was a great time to test out the DSLR and here are some shots!

Some were taken by the lovely Tlin, which have been only lightly edited I assure you.

Brett & Elise

Uncle Brett & Niece Elise chillin

Emilie Guinto

Emilie looking comfy in the sofa.


watching the game


Of course there is Rock Band!

And here’s a picture of the photographer of the day getting caught red handed in my cookie stash!

Teresa Lin

"act innocent.... he won't see me"


After taking a brief trip to the buffet restaurant for a quick bite, I decided to forgo the typical trek to DC to work and stay home in the evening. Its crazy that I haven’t spent an early evening in my house since the sushi restaurant opened. The autumn sunset made the neighborhood really warm and pretty so I decided to take a walk with the camera. More pictures of that excursion to come. I took some interesting shots. However my neighbors probably saw what they thought looked like lost Asian tourist oddly interested in taking pictures of bushes….


went out shooting instead of work!

gawd i feel old… even though I’m not, despite what my little nephews tell me.

I’ll be living that 20s something city life one day…



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2 responses to “The good old suburban life…

  1. tbeibei

    Love it! Thank you for hosting us for an afternoon. Many more such days to come =)

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