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Retrospective Edit

Recently, I found a photo on my old hard drive that I began editting back when I was in college.  Today I finished it up and it caused to go back into memory lane.

Tell me after viewing this picture if it makes you feel anything? Would be interesting to hear.

Last Days


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New cocktail on the menu!

Well i know its not incredibly revolutionary, but I have tested out this cocktail for a few weeks now on regulars and with confidence I am putting it on the menu this weekend.

mmmm refreshing

mmmm refreshing

Cucumber Cocktail

2 measures of a citron vodka

1 measure of Midori

2-3 measures of cucumber puree (strained)

fresh squeezed lemon juice

garnish with an orange wheel (throw the orange wheel in before enjoying, it definitely gives the drink balance)

I also love the new cosmopolitan glassware I purchased so posting another pic of the drink 😛

Cucumber Cocktail 2

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The Feed!

I haven’t posted recently due to all the craziness in my life. Dealing with renting out my family’s property in New Paltz, arranging for the trees around the New Paltz house to be maintained, taking care of the nephews and making sure they finish school strong. Of course for all you that know me personally, Momiji is by far a full time job. Sometimes its tough but deep down inside i know I must love it right….?

Business has been good. Some days good, some days bad. The typical up and downs of a growing restaurant.  Consistent news about the restaurant is I’m developing into a better cook, courtesy of my head chef, and I’m becoming a faster and more creative bartender everyday.  I got a few new cocktails in development, I’ll release the recipes once perfected.

Things on the horizon:

Starting GRE classes this weekend. I still need to do a little preliminary studying.

Planning another trip back to New York to take care of some stuff.

Get an entry level digital SLR so I can entertain you all with more pretty pictures.

Here’s an oldie that I took.

Shot during a late night walk, I took a year ago.

Shot during a late night walk, I took a year ago.


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