Twitter Madness…

So back in the simple days of when I predominately used facebook, there were these things called status updates.  I never used status updates.  Then one day a year or so ago, my tech savy friend told me to sign up for twitter, I was like hmmmm this reminds me of status updates on facebook. I signed up and never used the thing.  Today we are in the midst of twitter-mania and well I have succumbed to its simple and lazy layout.  The Internet is making me lazier by the second.  I have always and completely agreed with this funny video I found by Google Current, but recently far too much of my brains have oozed out of my ears to resist Twitter and related sites.

I hope this fad ends soon, its killing me but might as well join em for now!


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One response to “Twitter Madness…

  1. Michelle Nicole

    lol…soooooooo truuuuuuuueeee……..

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