Rainy Day

On the way to work today and it was quite a depressing day weather wise.  One day it feels 90+ F the next its freezing and raining.  Another depressing but yet humorous sight that I saw today was during the drive.  I saw some guy with a surgical mask while driving his little mini cooper. I only assume that the guy is paranoid about swine flu but come on! surgical mask in the car? if the virus was in the car you would already have it genius…. but yes Swine flu is a serious public health issue and after studying public health for so many years, it all makes me very nervous.  Not because of swine flu itself but of the other related public health situations/pandemics that may foreseen in the future.

Ok! digress and onto an amazing short film I saw a while ago on youtube.  The music is awesome too!

Its called “Signs”

And more show in tell. A photo i recently took on a NICE and brisk day in Chinatown.



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