Childhood for sale…

When i started this new blog, my intent was to really never put write about anything heavy.  I will try my best to keep to that rule, but I will tell you all about one of the current problem of mine.

As some of you may know that, I am originally from New York and my family still has a home in upstate.  We have been having trouble getting people we can trust to rent the house and well I’ve always had an aversion to renting my childhood home to others.

Fast forward to today, after numerous failed attempts to get close friends to move in to ease the money drain of the New Paltz house. One of my friend’s has agreed to rent, only problem is that he is the problem little brother of the group and is just unpredictable. He is not a crazy party guy, so i’m not worried about him destroying the house, but i am nervous that he would completely flip the house around with crazy change even though he really is just renting one bedroom in the whole house.

oh well its money that will help with the high New York taxes.

ok that was a bit heavy hmmmmm…..whatever.

Sooooo I leave you with some pikchas

Lychee Martini anyone? whoops all gone!

Lychee Martini anyone? whoops all gone!

Still trying my best in topping my popular Lychee Martini, on the verge with a new Absolut Pears drink though, I’ll keep ya’ll posted.



Just random special sushi, with no name. Any suggestions?

well this sums up this lackluster post…


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  1. aj

    sup andy. the pic of the martinis is kinda blurry
    how much is rent in your house? your parents don’t live there anymore?

    i want to eat at your restaurant again!

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