Happy April!

So in spirit and in preparation of a new month, the end of March was a time of me being “productive” and “organized”. I have been organizing things for the restaurant, still backing up my files on the new hard drive i got earlier in March and trying to set out a new plan for 2009. Here we are on April 1st and well… all that momentum has already begun to slow down.

On a side note, soooo many friends are coming to dc this weekend to visit. I’m afraid with my increased work schedule due to the Cherry Blossom festival in dc and all these friends not being part of the same social group, I’m not going to be able to see everyone. Funny how it works I go from having no one being around dc to everyone at once. In typical restaurant terminology, this weekend I am going to be “in the weeds” with friends. Well i guess it could be worst.

Ok now back to re-organizing and re-dirction in life! In midst of the tedious task of backing up photo I found a old picture of the view from my desk at college and created a crazy flashback of memories.  This is because it had a lot of pictures of people I lost touch with and pictures that I edited.

Old view from the college room desk.

Old view from the college room desk.

Oh college those were interesting times! Fast forward to now… my work space is a bit less cluttered but lacks a place to put pictures and also reminds me that I really haven’t done much photography lately.

My messy desk in my Maryland house

My messy desk in my Maryland house

Here is a picture of all the recent gadgets i can’t live without. My macbook, iPod, iMac, iPod Touch, portable hard drive and Blackberry.

Yea… I know I basically have the apple store at my house…. damn things are addictive.

Berry & Touch

Berry & Touch

oh in continuation with the last post , I got off on the traffic ticket because the cop didn’t show up! swweeeet.



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2 responses to “Happy April!

  1. hey Andy! Found your blog- looking forward to more posts!

  2. Michelle Nicole

    Three cheers for being productive!! I wish I could do the same. I hope you get to see at least a few of your friends who are visiting dc. And dude, you should chuck the blackberry and the iPod and just get an iPhone. mr. castro has one. its ridiculous. I love the picture from your college days btw. nice photo. Also, lazy cops RULE 😛

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