Gin & Mac

So tonight I am staying at the restaurant overnight, (I have a little break room upstairs shhhhh).  The reasoning for this special little sleep over of where I work is that I have to appear in traffic court in the morning.  At 10 pm sharp, I will have to hope that the officer who promised me that he would not show up to court honors his commitment, so that i don’t get screwed up the bum.

But on another note, I have decided to take a mental break from my chaotic world and just sit and chill at the bar of the restaurant and practice a few new cocktails and do a little self taste test. However I did end up quitting early because I made a horrific drink.

(Bombay Sapphire Gin + Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur + White Grapefruit Juice) x Shake up = Terribleness in my mouth….. (hehe thats what she said!)

So now I’m all spread out on my bar, websurfing on the laptop, watching two plasma tvs and I’m enjoying a nice Hendricks and Tonic.

My chill space
My chill space
The Bar
The Bar
My little reward for the day
My little reward for the day

Just for this brief moment I am probably living every guy’s fantasy right now.

Well…. if you don’t count the silly fantasies that involve women of course…..

hmmmm… right.. ok No….this somehow became not as awesome anymore..


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