Its Beautiful Outside!

Its nice and sunny in DC today! Too bad I’m destined to be inside in my dimly lit bar at the restaurant.  Still in quite the rut in attempting to come up with a delicious signature that matches up to both my crazy popular Lychee Martini and Paradise Cosmopolitan (yea i know the name is terrible but i come up with drinks not names!).  So if anyone has a flavor profile that they especially enjoy let me know and it might inspire me to come up with something!

Tree outside my house

Tree outside my house

In the meantime, nothing new has really occurred with me other than the typical back and forth between the incrediably dull suburbs of Maryland and the everchanging atmosphere of DC Chinatown.

So before i go off and start drafting a new specials menu, I’ll leave you with this sushi roll of the day!


The Sweetie Roll

Also I just had a wonderful conversation with this author that just came in and ate at Momiji. The name of his novel is  Havana Lunar. Robert is a professor at the University of New Mexico and is in DC for a book reading and basically was very informative and helpful to my sporadic thoughts today of grad school, media careers and alternative grad programs ie. non-public health ones haha. Well that encounter was a nice consolation to a lack of business today…..well not really, but its a start.

Actually there is no comforting situation for lack of business, unless its Megan Fox coming in here and telling me she has a thing for guys named Andy…..


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One response to “Its Beautiful Outside!

  1. aj

    nice picture. i like the one of the trees
    its kinda cold in NYC still

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